GEOMAP bets on I+D+i. LA.TE. ANDES®

GEOMAP bets on I+D+i. LA.TE. ANDES®

Expertise and know-how of 30 years of history are translated into the formation and growth of the PRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGY CORE IN SALTA, which is now in its 8th year.

LA.TE. ANDES S.A., a private-public joint venture formed and supported by GEOMAP and CONICET, has emerged as an international reference player in the fields of geochronology and thermochronology. These highly specialized disciplines are successfully applied in the resolution of geological-analytical problems in the Oil, Gas and Mining productive sectors.

With a matrix organizational structure that combines human and financial resources, LA.TE. ANDES S.A. has set as its main objective the conception and execution of strategic projects based on technology, aimed at addressing critical challenges in the evaluation of geological resources. This pioneering company brings together the experience of GEOMAP and CONICET, merging the best of the private sector and public research to offer innovative and effective solutions in the industry.

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